Cannabis Books We Love: Women and Weed by Elana Frankel

Cannabis Books We Love: Women and Weed by Elana Frankel

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Cannabis Books We Love | 0 comments

As cannabis moves towards legalization and declining social stigma, the green rush has ignited an entrepreneurial spark and that means blazing new trails, and inspiring others. Entrepreneurs are known for heading out into uncharted territory with superhuman dedication. Add to that the grey area of working in the cannabis industry and you’ve got possibilities…challenging but feasible. 


One thing is for certain, women are flocking to the industry and don’t mind working in high-risk, uncharted territory. Women are starting businesses, growing and extracting, working in real estate and the medical community. When it comes to cannabis, it’s rarely obvious what to do next in the ever-changing political, social and medical scene, and, traditionally a woman would have relied on herself when challenges arise. Women and Weed focuses on the power of personal narratives to bring a better understanding to these complex issues. When asked women to share their stories and make connections between their own biographies and the industry, and happily pass on that knowledge. Maybe the reader will see herself in these pages or perhaps she is still learning and unlearning. (Don’t worry, there’s a primer for you.) Either way, readers will soon realize that they are not alone and there are resources to get more involved.


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